Sunday, January 4, 2015

I heart muffins

This is the last morning of extended coffee and reading for a while. Back to school tomorrow after a nearly two week vacation. I spent most mornings slowly, no rush to pack my bag or to make sure everyone got to where they had to be with all the things they needed to have. This morning's relaxation was tinged with melancholy; sigh, all good things must end.

Then Anya said, "I wish I had a muffin," and I thought, "yeah, me too."

And, with all this lovely free time, I pulled the ingredients out of the cupboards and whipped up this batch. 

I still have to go to school tomorrow, pouring my coffee in a covered to-go mug and sipping it while driving to work, but there'll be a muffin my lunchbox to savor while I settle in to prep for the day.

What a great idea, Anya.