Thursday, November 17, 2011

Walking Westford, with paint

I started my project to walk around Westford, but haven’t got out of Nabnasset. But, that’s OK for now. I’ve learned how to go from one end of Edwards Street to the other, met several dogs (hi Tory and Jeremy), and increased my stamina. My Doodle and I will continue walking Nabnasset this fall. And, when the ice makes it too nerve-racking, I’ll hit the treadmill. By March, I’ll have the strength and stamina to walk from one end of town to the other.
            But, last Friday night, I walked through Alabama at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford. I brought my daughters to see a show of landscapes by our neighbor Ron Hubbard. While my youngest daughter preferred to play with Ron’s kids, my oldest was enraptured by the artwork. She was especially drawn to a small canvas full of texture and dark color showing a stormy sea. It was great to see her inspired.  
            I went to the show for a few reasons. I like Ron, I like talking to him at the bus stop while our daughters head off to school. I also like to find opportunities to expose my girls to various art and culture. But also, here is a way to walk through Westford differently. Participating in community events teaches me about the people in the community. While I don’t get the added benefit of exercise, I do come closer to knowing my town.
            My project to walk the town has not been going as I had hoped. What ever does? Still, I’m learning. It’s important to keep myself open to these twists and side-roads. I’ll become a Westfordite yet.

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