Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Slice of Life - being called a writer

My laptop is back with the Geniuses at Apple and I am attempting to work on the big family computer. Not much success. The computer is at a little desk at the front of the house next to a tiny window that lets in all of the noise and none of the breeze. I set up a fan nearby because it’s over 95 degrees today. Still, I feel so weighted down by the humidity I can’t focus. My arm sticks to the desk, and my wrist doesn’t sit right so I get sore, and let’s face it, I’m grumpy.
I did manage to work out some ideas for one class, and even posted to my newspaper blog, but this week has not been as productive as I had hoped. I’m getting discouraged and short tempered.
Here’s the little bright spot that has kept me from quitting completely. When we were at the Apple store last night and my dear husband was trying to convey the urgency of the problem he said “My wife is a writer and this issue has been interfering with her work for two months now.”
My husband called me a writer. Smile.
So, I’d better go write.


  1. Sometimes we just need to hear it from someone else to feel like it is really, well, real!

  2. How great that your husband expressed your need (as a writer!!!) for resolution. May the heat dissipate (I'm roasting,too) and may you become more productive!

  3. To be called a writer is a wonderful "name" to be called. Savor that moment!