Friday, October 26, 2012

road trip - a Fiction Friday post

And so I begin to take the curve
and see a new view emerging
My sorrow is still riding along in the passenger seat, but has quieted down,
content to be along for the ride, content to let me have my turn driving.
It’s a long journey,
and I imagine I’ll give up the wheel once or twice more
so I can sleep
and eat
and read
and fiddle with the map app to get a look ahead.
For now, I have
a box of Cheez-Its tucked into the seat beside me,
an iced latte from Dunkin’s in the cup holder,
Van Morrison on the radio sailing into the Mystic,
and a memory of making my mother laugh.
I can take these things forward.
I do not have to stay in park to have them.
We’re rounding the bend,
and I was right,
the view is worth it.

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