Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Report cards and cumulative folders and Flag Day parties

This week has been a craze of organizing. Every year I promise myself to be more organized throughout to avoid this chaos of end of the year requirements. But, at least I have an excuse (sort of) since I didn’t start until mid-year and the classroom was already a study in how not to organize a classroom. I never caught up.

So, maybe not the smartest idea to plan a Flag Day party for Friday. I’m sending home a request for red, white and blue paper and decorations and snacks and the kids are planning how best to recognize the birthday. Some ideas include singing happy birthday to the flag and designing our own flags.

When I glance over at my desk I see the cumulative folders lined neatly in the box waiting to be updated, my report card file with a checklist of what parts I need to complete, the box of printouts that have been handed to me over the past week (score summaries, end of the year activity ideas, strategies for reaching ELLs). And yet, I turn my back, cue up the National Anthem on Teacher Tube and review the lyrics with my students – allowing questions, comments, connections – because this, too is important.

Tomorrow, I interview to keep this job, hoping that I will not only be able to tame this clutter, but finally attain my goal of organization from the start. (Wish me luck.)
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  1. When you get the organization down, give me a jingle. I would be finding the party and joy first too. I also have to go back to finish the organizing even after we have been out a week too. xo

  2. I ALWAYS have to remind myself at the point you are at that all that overwhelming stuff does get done, one task at a time! So it was for me and now am happily enjoying vacation AND I have confidence you will get there, too. Happy summer trails ahead. :)

  3. I'm always trying to get more organized! I laugh about it because if I didn't, I'd cry. But I've learned to accept compliments from people who say they like the feel of my room. It doesn't have to be perfectly organized, just good enough. I hope the interview went well and you'll have some time to organize, just be sure to relax too!

  4. Thanks for the comments, folks. My room is still in chaos, but the students are happily talking about all the places they see the American flag, about the exploits of Mercy Watson, and about how fun it is to say the word parallelogram.
    Let chaos reign.