Tuesday, December 24, 2013

new traditions

Yesterday I booked movie tickets online for Christmas day. Nope, never did think I’d do that. This is the year of new traditions; the first year we will not gather with the Lamarre family at the brick house. Greg and the girls and I have been batting around ideas for months now, since my siblings and I agreed to have our gathering the weekend before Christmas. At first we planned to travel. The extra long school break made it a good year for a trip. But, then I scheduled my surgery for the week before Christmas and didn’t want to lock us into anything in case I wasn’t up to it. (Good call, turns out.)

So, Saturday we gathered with my brothers and sisters and their families for a wonderful holiday. Tonight we’ll head over to Greg’s parents’ house to spend time with his family. And in the morning, after opening presents and feasting on a big Christmas breakfast we have the day to ourselves. We’ve decided on a family walk on one of the great little trails in town, followed by that movie in the afternoon, The Hobbit.

Next year, we’ll likely take a trip. Or host some friends. Or go visiting.

This year we’re easing in to a new tradition of being with our own little family, taking our time, and enjoying the day.

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  1. New traditions can be lots of fun! I have never gone to a movie on Christmas Day either. Something to experience. Let us know what you think. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Merry Christmas. Let us know what movie you saw.

  3. Lots of delightful presents under the tree, deliciously filling breakfast, an icy but pleasant walk around Grassy Pond, and The Hobbit - As my daughter said before heading off to bed, "It was different, but good." Merry Christmas to all.