Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Slice of Life - from school to library

Yesterday was the last day of school in our town so, of course, we went to the library.

My girls are great readers and when faced with a week of unscheduled freedom, they make sure to have some good books on hand. We are at the library at least once a week so you would think they would have a certain familiarity with what’s on the shelf that would equate to preplanning and quick decisions. But no, even if we had been there the day before, they still require browsing time.

That’s great for me. I either browse the fiction shelves, check the catalogue for matches from my “to read” list, or sit on the couch that has become our meeting place and read whatever is in my bag. We all love visiting the library and can’t imagine being there “too much.”

Yesterday, the librarians were all smiles. When we checked out, one practically sang, “Last day of school and you decided to come to the library?” “Where else would we go?” I called back. Her grin was priceless and I wished that my camera was handy. “Half the students in town are here today, getting started on the summer reading program or stocking up for a vacation week.” “Where else would THEY go?” I returned.

Our library is always busy, every time we go in, no matter the day.  But, until that quick exchange with the librarian yesterday, I didn’t really notice. It is a weekly destination for many families, and not just for the cool Zentangle workshops. They reserve rooms to work on school projects, get recommendations from the fabulous Young Adult librarians, flip through magazines and newspapers knowing there will be someone nearby with whom to discuss the news. The shelves behind the circulation desk are always crammed with titles patrons have requested that are sent over from other libraries. The public library is the place to be.

Is our community unique in its library patronage? I don’t think so. My unscientific observations on Facebook and the blogosphere confirm that people are reading . . . a LOT.

On the last day of school yesterday, my girls and I went to the library. After lunch, one brought her book out to the hammock and one stretched out on the porch with hers. It would make any librarian smile.


  1. I love that your library is such a center for activity for so many in the community. Libraries have changed so much with options that are available there, which makes it a vital place to be. Happy reading to you and your daughters.

  2. I loved how you show your love of your library! When I need to move next time, one of the first things I will be checking is "Where is the library? Happy days with your books!

  3. Thank you ladies. You are welcome to our library anytime.

  4. Summer is my time to get back into our library. This year I signed up for the adult reading program!

  5. Wow - your library sounds like such a special place. Love to hear that reading is capturing so many!