Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday's Slice of Life

Discombobulation. It’s the word of the month.

Doesn’t help that I’m colder now than I was in March, starting my day in confusion. (It is June, right?) Doesn’t help that my semester is over, along with my paychecks, but new expenses keep cropping up. Doesn’t help that my husband was gone on a business trip for two weeks and though he’s back he’s so plowed under by jet lag and allergies that I still feel like he’s gone. (And, he’ll be gone on another trip next week.)
I am out of sorts, lacking focus, uninspired. And cold. (Had I mentioned cold yet?)

I’ve been trying to figure out why I am so off kilter. I started to think about yesterday. Yesterday I got the kids off to school and some early morning errands completed. Then, I sat down to be a writer for about two hours. I felt great all day. I focused myself and took the time to write – not for anyone else, just my own project that may never be read by another set of eyes; but mine have read it. More importantly, my brain thought up the words, my fingers typed them. The process of writing improved my yesterday.
Today, I missed a meeting of the neighborhood group this morning because I couldn’t get my act together, I ate an incredibly unhealthy breakfast while running errands, I made a few pointless drives to find upon arrival that I couldn’t get done what I wanted to get done. When I came back home I was so flustered it didn’t even occur to me to sit down to be a writer. I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, searched for Anya’s missing purple raincoat.
I found my way to this screen after checking in on Facebook, reading email from school, looking for details about tomorrow’s workshop, and updating the calendar. Now, having read a few slices of life, my scattered self is regrouping.

This is my first post to Slice of Life. I’ll make a commitment to add something every Tuesday because I like the idea of building a community of random, scattered people with all sorts of harried and beautiful lives. And because, doing so today helped settle the discombobulation.


  1. Welcome to this slice of life writing world. It is a very nurturing community. I love that word - discombobulation. It is so unsettling to say it, let alone live through it. May you find the focus you are looking for here.

  2. Welcome to the community! I definitely understand your discombobulation and have been discombobulated myself more than a few times! I'm glad that writing is helping you bring yourself back together, and I hope you keep turning to it!

  3. Thank you for the welcome, ladies. I appreciate the encouragement.

  4. Welcome, Laura! I just love that word--discombobulation. It's something I spend a lot of my days feeling! :) But writing definitely "brings us home," huh? I started slicing with the March challenge, and now I'm up to 41 slices! It's wonderfully satisfying to see the little pieces of my harried, beautiful life piling up to make one big meaning...

  5. I have thought about this word and the act of being discombobulated. It has made me wonder about the prefix dis- and though we don't say it may you soon be "combobulated" again. :) Welcome! Keep writing as Stacey and Ruth's motto says Write! It's good for you. I have found that to be so true.

  6. Welcome, slicer! I have come to love Tuesdays and slicing and the discipline it has introduced to my writing life. I just know that you'll love the experience, too.

  7. So happy I posted to Slice of Life. You folks are super inspiring.
    Glad so many of you like "discombobulation" The word - in all of its forms and conjugations - is a favorite in our house for how perfectly the sound of the word and the feel of saying it reflects the state it defines.