Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Slice of Christmas

 At the end of Christmas day, I am sitting in my favorite chair by the tree, soft music playing, surrounded by opened presents. Greg is off to check in with some friends, the girls are relaxing with a movie downstairs, and the dog has abandoned her rawhide bone until morning. It was a lovely day and now we are enjoying some quiet.

I am so grateful for this lovely day. A few days ago, I was crying by my parents’ grave, dreading this holiday. How could I celebrate without Mom? But, Mom reminded me of everything I did have. I had extra hugs from my girls all week who were both moved by the season, and a little worried about me being sad. I had the loving, watchful eye of my husband, ready to swoop in and hold me as I cried, to take the girls so I could be alone, or to crack a joke to make me laugh – whatever I seemed to need. I had my sisters and brothers, all feeling the same loss, all supporting each other through it.

Christmas was a slice of love and beauty in what had otherwise been a difficult month. I miss my Mom and Dad, and more so during the holidays. But on Christmas, I felt their love more than their absence.

Merry Christmas everyone.

(My Slice of Life is posted a little late, but you can read more here.)


  1. Oh Laura, thanks for this heartfelt post. It's bittersweet to celebrate holidays without loved ones. My daughter held me Christmas morning as I cried, and my mom has been gone for 22 Christmases.

    1. Thanks, Ramona. I've been thinking a lot about how we "adult orphans" are expected to quickly recover from our loss. But, no matter how old you are, losing your mother is life-changing.
      I hope you and your daughter enjoyed sharing memories, and a good cry.

  2. "I felt their love more than their absence." What a beautiful statement. Just the hope all of us who celebrate while missing special ones need in our hearts.