Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slice of anxiety

Tuesday again.
Time to post with the Slice of Life Challenge.
But, I'm tired
and my wrist hurts
and I'm worried about my daughter
and I have night before school jitters 3 months after everyone else
because I'm starting a new job tomorrow
though I still have college essays to grade
from my old job.

So I'm not going to write.
I'm going to snuggle with my daughter
then ice my wrist as I recite my lessons in my head.
And, maybe I'll sleep tonight,
and maybe I won't.
Tomorrow arrives regardless.
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  1. You perfectly capture those new job jitters. And I recite lessons in my head every night. I usually fall asleep visualizing what I have to accomplish the next day. I hope your wrist feels better. Good luck with the papers!

  2. Yes, tomorrow will come, you will make it through, maybe you will soar through it, and another tomorrow will come. More time for snuggling, time for sleeping, time for getting it all done... time for what is important to you. And the jitters will calm.

  3. I rarely fall asleep reciting lessons, but my best planning is in the shower every morning. I'm sorry for your night before school jitters three months late. I hope all goes well, and you'll soon be relaxed and ready for this new position.