Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One Little Word

If I were to choose a word to help guide me through the year 2013, a word that would keep me focused on my goals and dreams and aspirations, what would that word be? Many blog writers have posted wonderful words: pilgrim, delight, observe, grow, connect, . . . All good words; all could fit in with my goals. But, none of them feel quite right. None of them feel like they belong to me.
Last night, as I was trying to quiet my panic as Greg booked a cruise for the family, I thought of the word LEAP. I am a tentative person, I fear the unknown. And yet, a part of me wants to leap, to try new things.  A while back, I posted this quote on my White Board: “Leap and the net will appear.” I usually choose the quotes to meet my own needs, though they are posted for the public. I needed to believe that I had the support in place to take a leap. But I never completely trust. I took steps, surely, but a leap? No.
The thing is, I have a plethora of nets strategically placed. Should a job not work out and leave me unable to pay all my bills, my sisters and brothers would feed me and take me in. Should I accept a job I am not completely ready for, my colleagues will reach out and catch me. Should I speak up and make myself vulnerable, my dear husband will cradle my wounded body. Still, leaping takes courage, and I don’t always have it.
I may or may not commit to this word. I’ll be giving it more thought. This will be my first experiment with One Little Word, and I want to do it big or not at all.
I’ll ponder this little word before I take the final leap.

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