Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My students have been immersed in reading and writing poetry this month. We’ve been talking about line breaks, rhythm, and imagery.

Last week we took a common classroom object, our white board, and looked carefully at it. We brainstormed a whole list of things we noticed, then chose the best and arranged them with rhythm. Here’s what we came up with:

The White Board
By Room 102

The white board in our classroom is
hard, and
We put stuff on it
            with markers
            and magnets.
It’s awesome,
            and cool
Until ----
            Mrs. L. A. puts homework on it.

I was thrilled with the collaboration. They had fun and I especially appreciated the twist in the last line. So, this morning, I introduced the idea of personification. We had read a few poems that made use of it, and spent a few days on “Who Likes the Wind” which has a kite, a boat and thistle all talking. The idea of these things acting like people inspired a great bit of fun. I turned back to our writing about the White Board and wondered how it would have described itself. The students were up for the challenge:

The White Board Talks
By Room 102

I like people to draw on me
I like when people stick stuff on me with magnets
I like when people erase the drawings;
            it tickles.
I like when people use me.
I do not like when Mrs. L.A. writes homework on me.

It has been fun to watch my students play with words.
I love National Poetry Month.


  1. What a great way to collaborate. Thank you Mr./Ms. Whiteboard!!

  2. I love Poetry Month too! The last line of the first poem is so funny. I really enjoyed seeing what your students came up with!