Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a bouquet on the table

This weekend my family is gathering for what we are calling a “Celebration of Good Memories.” We wanted to do something to mark the year that has passed since Mom died. That anniversary was August 9. We did mark that day – five us went out to eat at her favorite restaurant (Good Thymes). But one sister said she would rather remember Mom on happy days, like her anniversary. She was very proud of having a long and loving marriage and my Dad died just shy of their 59th anniversary.

So, we planned a gathering of family right around their wedding anniversary (it would have been 62 years this month) with the goal of laughing and crying together as we told stories and remembered our parents. We sent invitations to our few remaining aunts and uncles, and to all of our cousins. Mom liked to get everyone together.

My sisters and I, and my daughter, have been making origami flowers for the tables (my Dad was allergic to flowers, so we’re sort of used to not putting real blooms on tables). So today, as I sit to do some homework for a class I’m taking, I have this bouquet beside me, making my load a little lighter. 

I'm looking forward to Saturday night.

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  1. LOVE the oragami flower bouquet. What a great way to make the tables festive without making guests sneeze!

  2. A great way to remember together. And the flowers are great, too!

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing- I'm sure your parents would live this.

  4. I love the idea of honoring your mom on a day that was special to her! And your flowers are beautiful!

  5. Bravo for a family that remembers and celebrates. Maybe you will write a "how to" slice about making those beautiful origami flowers! ( hint hint:)