Saturday, October 12, 2013


Anya was home sick on Monday, having spent all of Sunday coughing. Her nose was stuffed, her ears were blocked, her cough provided no helpful relief of either, just more pain in her throat. I went to work, she went to her grandmothers'.

Tuesday, Greg left for a business trip to Seattle. I ironed for him the Monday night and he left before I opened my eyes in the morning. 

Wednesday Thea stayed home - it was her turn with the cold. I had to work late to attend the monthly staff meeting. We had a great conversation about student goals and how we might work together to reach them, but I was exhausted at the end. I rushed home as soon as I could to take care of my girl.

Thursday, both girls went to school, though neither was 100%. Me? I was nearly knocked down by a wave of nausea and left school 2 hours early. Anya felt it, too. We all went to bed early.

Friday, Thea had to skip band because her cold set off her asthma, despite the increased medication to get it under control. We both fell asleep on the couch.

Today is Saturday. Thea had to skip the Band Day she's been waiting for so she could easily access her nebulizer. I sat down for a long day of homework and schoolwork and now my wrist is screaming for ice and rest. Before jumping into my next project, I opened my email to find a call to link to Ruth Ayers Celebrate the week page and I thought, seriously? Celebrate this week? But then I thought, yeah, celebrate this week; this hectic, stressful, painful, chaotic week. Celebrate a job that challenges me. Celebrate the gift of children I love deeply. Celebrate a loving husband who reaches across the country to buoy me up.

I'm getting ready to snuggle on the couch with my girls and ice cream to watch a show or a movie. In a few hours, Greg will be home. So yeah, time to celebrate.

There's a lot to celebrate. Want to join Ruth and the others?


  1. Laura --
    This is beautiful and the heart of the reason I wanted to round up celebrations. There are weeks (way more than we want) that are just plain hard. I admire you for still writing and still finding something to celebrate. Thank you.

  2. I like how you built this piece. I hope that next week will be easier for all of you.