Sunday, November 3, 2013

asiago bagels (Thankful, day 2)

So, when I mentioned the Thankful Challenge to my daughter while we were getting a quick bite at Panera yesterday she said, “You should write that you are thankful for asiago bagels.” And at that moment, I truly was. She had gone out to breakfast with her dad earlier, but I stayed home to do a few chores. As soon as she got home, we ran out to shop for a few things last minute birthday gifts for her sister. In the rush of the morning, I forgot to eat breakfast but once settled in the car, my hunger surfaced. We went to one store and then detoured across the parking lot for a bagel (and a smoothie for her) and with that sustenance, I was able to finish the rest of our errands.

Yes, on November 2 I was grateful for that bagel but really for so much more. For the financial security that allowed us to be out on this gift buying errand and to stop for a bite. For the freedom of movement and choice. For the joy of being with a teenage daughter who wanted to be there and engaged me in conversation for our entire time together and thoughtfully picked out gifts for her little sister. And if it hadn’t been for that bagel, and that comment, and this challenge, I might never have noticed.

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