Wednesday, November 6, 2013

so much to do - Thankful Day 6

I am thankful for the full schedule that has kept me from posting for the last few days. While I might sometimes complain (OK, I complain a lot!) about the amount there is to do, when I ended my work day today I felt good about all I have accomplished. I work with some pretty amazing colleagues who push me to be better every day. I am challenged in two classes I’m taking this semester and the work I’m doing there has already improved my work at school. I have two active daughters involved in theater, soccer, Destination Imagination, and National History Day so my week is always broken up by their schedules. While I don’t exactly thrive under pressure, I do work better with a list of things to do. When I don’t have a lot on my list, I actually slack off more.

The best part of all?  No matter how much time I spend planning lessons, reviewing the latest research, cooking supper, doing laundry, and driving all over town, I end each night beside the man of my dreams.

Yeah. Thank you.

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