Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful - Day 1-3

It’s November, Thanksgiving’s month, and a few friends are taking the time to reflect each day on something for which they are thankful. I’ve decided to join them.

Today is November 3rd and I am thankful for the things that kept me away from writing on the first two days.

On November 1st I did not have to go to work since I don’t teach on Thursdays. I spent the morning picking up birthday gifts for my youngest daughter and groceries for the family. I am thankful my little family has the financial security to allow me a stress free shopping trip.

On November 2nd we welcomed four of Anya’s friends for a birthday sleepover. I am thankful for these wonderful girls who have become an important part of my daughter’s life and who help her to be her true self.

Today, November 3rd, is Anya’s 12th birthday. When she was a baby she cried whenever she was away from me. At playgroup, I had to sneak into the bathroom when she was preoccupied with a toy to avoid bringing her in with me, but still she would be crying for me by the time I came out. My friends came to dread the “Can you keep an eye on Anya while I pee” request. We called her the Incredible Velcro Baby. But then, on her first day of preschool as I was bracing myself for the meltdown, Anya looked up at me, said “Bye Mom” and walked in to school. She has been standing strong on her own ever since. I am grateful I was able to be her constant security when she was young so she can now trust that I will always be there for her.

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