Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful - Day 9 & 10

On Friday, November 9, I was thankful for the staff at my daughters’ middle school. Several teachers applied for, and received, grants to add technology to their classrooms that will improve learning opportunities. My sixth grader’s teacher, in particular, is exploring how to make use of iPads for more individualized learning targeted to a student’s needs. I am grateful that my children get to work with such dedicated teachers who put in the extra effort to constantly improve their classroom instruction.

But not only the teachers, the administrative staff is superb. I was in the office sorting through fundraising forms for the PTO when the Vice Principal stopped in to see if I needed any help. I had already received a few emails from him thanking the PTO for their efforts to support programming and materials that add to student learning. He knows the value of his community. Once I was finished with my own PTO work, I found the Administrative Assistant cutting up newly laminated multiplication triangles for a Special Education teacher. It was past 3pm on a Friday before a long weekend, so I asked her why she was still working. She said the teacher hadn’t been feeling well, so she offered to help prepare these materials. My daughter and I sat down with her to lend a hand – such generosity on her part was inspiring. I am thankful for an Administrative team who values the efforts of teachers, parents and staff, and who model what true teamwork looks like.

And now, it’s Saturday morning. I just kissed my husband goodbye as he leaves for a business trip. But before that, we spent a leisurely morning sipping coffee, reading, and talking. I read a blog post about using Writer’s Workshop to meet the requirements of the Common Core, a few articles in our local weekly newspaper examining the election results from our town, and an online article about staying creative through our daily chaos. Greg read sports and national news online. When we sit like this together to read, we make it a point to choose “interrupt-able reading” because we are constantly commenting to each other about some interesting points we have come across. I am so thankful to have a husband I not only adore, but also share many interests with. 

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