Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful - Day 23 & 24

I am thankful for holiday traditions.

For the past few years, the girls and Greg have taken some time the day after Thanksgiving to begin putting up the outdoor Christmas lights. They look forward to it, despite the headache of testing the lights, finding strings that only half light, and making two trips to the local hardware store for more. They make a great team.

Saturday, the girls and I have tickets to an area performance of the Nutcracker. For the past few years, we have attended the Commonwealth Ballet's production, presented at an area high school.

We have lots of family traditions, both with Greg's family and mine, but these two days belong to just our little family. The two days after Thanksgiving are relaxing for us, with lots of time for reading, conversation, and leftovers. I am thankful for these days.

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