Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful - Day 5

Today I am grateful for the smile Thea turned to give me as she hurried into school.

In the middle of eating her bowl of cereal this morning, Thea realized it was “early band day” which meant she needed to be at school in the next 15 minutes. Then, she remembered she had not completed the Math homework. Panic really hit when she realized she had not printed her horror story, which she worked very hard on for days, and that the printer wasn’t working.

Her Dad transferred the horror story to a flash drive while Thea brushed her teeth. She did her homework in the passenger seat while I drove her to school. When we arrived in front of the band door, the homework was done, she had a plan to print the story and she was only 5 minutes late. She took a deep breath gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and got out of the car. I was a little worried her whole day would be shot but then, she made a half turn back toward me and flashed a big smile to let me know it would be a Marvelous Monday after all.

I am thankful that my daughter has the strength to roll with life.


  1. Thanks for directing me to your thankful posts. Aren't they great "prompts" for writing?

  2. Yes, Stacey. And thanks for reading.
    I have been thinking a lot about the creative power of "the list". So, this month, 30 important things to be thankful for; perhaps next month, 31 creative inspirations. I like this format because it allows me to respond briefly or at length and begin to explore topics for longer writing. And, I am sharing more than usual - it's always good to feel you are writing for an audience; there's a special motivation in that.